Quest Action Plans

During the QUEST project 46 cities, with different levels of experience and contexts, from 14 European countries have gone through the QUEST process, demonstrating that there is a high level of demand for advice on sustainable urban mobility planning. Based on the results of the QUEST audit and self assessment, a tailor made ACTION PLAN were recommended for each city. The focus of the improvement programme is directly linked to the current status of urban mobility policies.

Cities that complete QUEST successfully receive a QUEST Certificate which recognises their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning. A good Action Plan, according to QUEST, is not necessarily a complex plan, but a feasible plan that will be implemented.

We believe that every city has potential to make progress towards sustainable mobility !

QUEST Reports and Action Plans

More information about the QUEST cities, the results of the City Reports and the Action Plans recommended to each city can be found by clicking the name of the city. You can also access the cities listed per country.

The complete Report and the Action Plans are available in cities’ local languages.  A comprehensive English summary can be found in the end of the report.