Quest Academy


The overall goal of the QUEST-Academy is to continue to train auditors throughout Europe, so that they can guide cities in developing sustainable local transport policies in a participatory manner. The training shall be based on the Total Quality Management tool of QUEST and reflect the experience gained during the 2 and a half year project. Moreover, the Academy will facilitate exchange between cities, and provide a platform for discussion and exchange of experience between QUEST auditors. The Academy will therefore contribute to capacity building in the field of sustainable transport throughout Europe and provide support to new auditors.

The partners in the QUEST project have developed and tested the QUEST tool together. They form the current body of the Academy and share the intellectual property rights. The Academy will ensure the legacy of QUEST in the post-project period. The Academy will start as a web-based platform for auditors who market and use the QUEST method. The Academy will provide a network of auditors, provide examples of good practice and ensure quality control of city audits. Cities will have to pay a fee for the audit, which will also cover the administrative costs of the virtual office. Newly trained auditors can join the QUEST academy as partners and will be given the right to use the QUEST-method and supporting material. Trained auditors will be listed on the QUEST-homepage.

QUEST is now looking for partners to sign a Partnership Agreement on the Academy. Conditions are agreed upon in a partnership contract between the partners and the QUEST academy.