About Quest

Many European cities are facing challenges when it comes to set up and implement truly sustainable mobility policies and measures.  QUEST is a Quality Management tool developed to help small and medium-sized cities to set up and further develop their sustainable mobility policies and actions with the assistance of an external expert – the QUEST Auditor. QUEST supports European cities in making real progress towards a more sustainable urban transport system, and helps them to find solutions for achieving the desired goals.The QUEST methodology used in this process is described in more detail in section QUEST AUDIT.

Based on the results of the QUEST audit and self assessment, a tailor made ACTION PLAN is recommended for each city.  The focus of the improvement program is directly linked to the present state of urban mobility policies. Cities that complete QUEST successfully will receive a QUEST Certificate which recognises their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning.

Nearly 50 cities from all over Europe have been involved in QUEST, demonstrating that there is much demand for advice on urban mobility planning.

We are ready to offer our expertise and support to your city!

If your city is interested to join the QUEST family, please contact us and we will find the right auditor for you! An appropriate auditor will be assigned depending on the local language of the city and the urban transport areas in which it seeks improvement. Read more about the benefits of joining QUEST.

QUEST is also looking for new auditors to join the QUEST team of experts.

QUEST builds on experiences with existing quality management tools, like BYPAD, MEDIATE and EMAS, and the existing EU-guidance on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It works closely with other ongoing EU-projects in this area including ECOMOBILITY SHIFT and ADVANCE.

QUEST is co-funded by the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, under the STEER programme. The project has started in May 2011 and will finish in November 2013.